And you thought wrestling in death matches would be his dumbest idea? Let’s be honest with ourselves: we’ve all wondered what it would be like to do something crazy like rob a bank. While most of us are a bunch of pussies and never actually do it, there happens to […]

Nick Gage: Whose the Man?

Aren't you the guy who wiped my ass on the set of The Scorpion King?
You ever have one of those moments where you’re sure you’re hallucinating, but after, like, three seconds, you realize that you’re NOT hallucinating, and that despite what the ads on television tell you, it’s NOT the marijuana that’s making you cringe and twitch? Well, imagine my surprise when I saw […]

I knew this would happen someday…

Note: Most of the information below can be found, in its original form, in Alex Gildengers’ doctoral thesis, “The Robe, The God of War, 5, and Other Mysteries of Wrestling”, written in 1992 for Harvard University. It is used with permission by Mr. Gildengers, who never really cared for Joe […]

What’s the deal with Joe Rules robe?

After watching this, we know for sure that professional wrestling is real Being trained in the essential arts of public humiliation, impromptu insulting, and lying to the public, it is no surprise that professional wrestlers for a time found a second home on the Jerry Springer show. Oddly, the decision […]

Jerry Springer: Making Wrestling Look Real